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When cultivating and designing a new project, Doug’s inspiration comes from his intent and passion to create something unique, memorable and thought provoking by employing materials that would otherwise be at the end of their useful life. His creativity was sparked with the initial request of repurposing retired wine barrels. The complexity of integrating the entire wine barrel and its parts while remaining “true to the stave” present a continual artistic challenge. Doug finds true  satisfaction in his work when a finished piece, with intentionally placed elements of a wine barrel, no longer holds any resemblance to a wine barrel but, has transformed into art, sculpture and functional furniture and interiors.  

A  Colorado native with pioneer lineage and years of living and experiences from the California coast to the Arizona desert to Southern charm of the Carolinas. These diverse experiences from coast to coast in this great country have helped shape his vision and elements are evident in his approach and work.  Doug now create and resides on the Connecticut shoreline. 

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